• Robust wheelchair and an economical choice
• Padded armrests and safety belt
• Pivoting and removable footrest with heel straps
• Comfortable seat from 20″ wide
• Padded armrests
• Net weight: 11.8 kg (26 lbs)
• Weight capacity: 113.4 kg (250 lbs.)

• Composed of 3 parts, one external part functioning as a stabilizing structure (contains air), the internal part is sectioned into 3 parts to avoid excessive water flotation, contains about 17 liters of water.
• The water mattress distributes the pressure of the body weight on a major surface which makes it lower than the medium blood pressure, thus avoiding the appearance of pressure sores.
• Water mattress in 3 parts, helps in the prevention of pressure sores, promotes the treatment of pain and skin complications due to immobility, offering good comfort and good body positioning.
• Size: 198 x 90 x 10 cm
• Material: PVC

This mattress is designed for a low to medium risk of pressure ulcers, it is the ideal accompaniment to the patient’s movements. This waffle mattress is cut in fixed blocks which allows a reduction of the phenomena of friction, shearing and maceration. The pressure is better distributed on all the mattress blocks.
This waffle mattress made of High Resilience foam constitutes, thanks to its cutting, an effective response to help prevent pressure sores on traditionally sensitive areas.

Width: 90 cm
Length: 195 cm
thickness: 14 cm