Adhesive eye compress :
• The adhesive edge avoids the traditional unattractive application of additional plasters.
• The adhesive outer part is made of non-woven material.
• The pads are soft, airy and highly absorbent.
• Sterile and latex-free.

Mesurent 36.5 x 21cm et ont une capacité de 2 L. Elles peuvent ainsi fournir de la chaleur sur une période particulièrement longue.

Bouillotte chauffe main est faite en caoutchouc naturel, inodore, écologiques et résistant à la chaleur recyclable. Le thermoplastique avancé maintient la température plus longtemps que les bouillottes en caoutchouc traditionnelles, fonctionne également comme un sac à glace ou une bouteille d’eau froide.

Finis les pieds froids, les mains glacées, douleurs abdominales ou dorsales, ou règles douloureuses, cette bouillotte vous apportera à votre peau douceur et sensation de bien-être.

Un bouchon à vis aide grandement à prévenir les fuites de la bouteille. Sûr et facile à remplir et à utiliser. Une bouche large avec un bouchon en plastique, qui peut facilement verser de l’eau chaude dans la bouteille et empêcher l’eau de cracher.

Couverture souple:
La texture fine rend le contact avec la peau plus sûr et plus confortable. Livré avec un couvercle chaud pour éviter que la bouteille chaude soit directement en contact avec votre peau. Confort et bien-être assurés pour tout adulte ou enfant durant l’hiver.

Crepe velvet bandage :
• 100% cotton crepe strip
• 2-edged strip with blue or red threads
• Extensibility : ≥ 100 %.
• Grammage: 70 ± 5 g/m² (stretched strip).
• Individually wrapped in cellophane.

• Medical Examination Sheet is a paper roll
• The box contains 12 rolls . Also, each roll measures 57 meters in length. The sheet contains pre-cut dotted formats that makes it easy to cut the sheet at any level.
• Thus, the sheet contains 150 formats of 50 centimeters wide, and 38 centimeters long (57 meters in total).
• Health professionals use them: general practitioners and specialists, physiotherapists, massage parlors…
• The medical drape protects the surface of examination tables, gynaecological tables and massage tables from mechanical and chemical damage, also allows to absorb body perspiration for a better hygiene of the medical rooms.

• Plastic feeding syringe with long and wide tip with a capacity of 60ml.
• Without needle.
• Sterile.
• Volume :60ml

• For all types of fixation : wounds, muscle pain etc…
• The hydrophilic gauze bandage is necessary for the fixation of dressings.
• Their edges prevent loosening and the double-stranded threads guarantee a high fabric quality.
• Pure cotton 2 woven selvedges
• Purified hydrophilic gauze fabric

• This piece contains 20 units of 5 meters by 0.65 meters of gauze.
• The hydrophilic gauze is mainly used as a compress for the application of certain medications, it is also used to prevent wound infections.
• The hydrophilic gauze piece can be sterilized either by steam sterilization, ethylene oxide sterilization, or otherwise by ionizing radiation sterilization.

• Hypoallergenic, resistant and very adherent plaster, for large wounds, can be cut very easily.
• Conditioned by box of 1 roll.
• Use for the fixation of compresses, dressings, catheters or probes.

• RR syringes are equipped with an exclusive needle, for a truly painless injection.
• RR syringes are sterile, disposable, and available in several formats with different needle lengths and sizes. The special finish of the tip minimizes trauma to the epidermis. Each part of the needle is specifically treated to reduce the penetration force for a painless injection for the patient.
• Sterile Insulin syringe with needle.
• Designed for subcutaneous administration of insulin in the treatment of diabetes.
• For single use only
• Sterilization by Gamma rays.
• Shelf life: 5 years after sterilization.
• Latex free.
• Graduated by 2 units.
• The complete syringe is packaged in an individual blister pack to guarantee its sterility.
• Per box of 100.

• Perforated adhesive plaster, wide, resistant and very adhesive:
• Resistant and very adhesive.
• For large wounds.
• Can be cut very easily.
• Use for the fixation of compresses, dressings, catheters or probes.

• Multi-sensitive plaster on a pre-cut support for the fixation of thoughts or compresses, especially on
anatomical reliefs or large surface wounds.
• Available in packs of 12,24,42,100