Omron M7, un tensiomètre novateur pour un meilleur suivi de votre tension artérielle !

Le tensiomètre Omron M3 Comfort est un tensiomètre automatique, a prix abordable au Maroc. Il comprend un brassard a bras.Il possède une large gamme de fonctions pour une mesure précise et fiable de la pression artérielle et du pouls à domicile.En effet, ce tensiomètre possède un brassard innovant Omron Intelli Wrap. le brassard a une circonférence de 22 à 42 centimètres. Grâce à la technologie unique, l’appareil réalise la mesure sur toute la circonférence du bras.
Le tensiomètre a prix abordable Omron M3 Comfort disponible au Maroc fournit des résultats de mesure précis. N’importe quelle position du brassard sur l’épaule. En outre, il comprend une technologie d’économie d’énergie spéciale. Grâce à elle, un jeu de piles suffit pour environ 900 mesures de pression. Le dispositif est testé cliniquement pour une utilisation pendant la grossesse. Conformément au protocole international de l’organisation européenne d’hypertension.

Tensiomètre OMRON M2 Basic permettant de mesurer la tension artérielle et les pulsations du patient rapidement, confortablement et avec précision, grâce à la technologie Intellisense. Il a un grand écran pour y lire les données. Usage domestique.

Bionime Lecteur Glycemie GM300 ,Bionime lecteur glycemie: – Ecran extra large – Codage par puce (pas de risque de changement de code par erreur) – Résultat fiable en 8 secondes* – 300 résultats en mémoire avec la date et l’heure – Pré-réglé : heure et date pour une prise en main immédiate – Moyenne

En raison du manque de codage et de la facilité d’utilisation, ce glucomètre est idéal pour les personnes âgées. Contrairement à de nombreux autres lecteurs de glycémie, Contour Plus dispose de l’option «Second-Chance®», qui vous permet de réutiliser la bandelette réactive pendant 30 secondes lorsqu’elle est dans l’appareil.

• ABS case and manometer cover.
• Large diameter manometer (54 mm) for easy reading.
• Good ergonomics with its large volume PVC bulb.
• Double shell resistant to shock waves.
• Crust leather manometer support.
• Black nylon cuff Oxford quality (Obese, adult, child) with velcro closure.
• Metal decompression valve.
• Delivered in a nylon case.

The most famous of the Vaquez-Laubry.
Available in straps version.
Polycotton cuff with full grain leather pressure gauge holder. Large volume pear.
Delivered in a nylon case

• For daily blood pressure measurement
• Single receiver in zinc alloy, chrome plated (black model) or powder-coated
• High-resolution acoustic membrane made of epoxy resin
• Flexible screwed-on tips to match the PVC tubing
• Oriented binaural with integrated spring.

• Each box contains 25 tests. The pregnancy test verifies if there is a special hormone in the urine or in the blood (if it is a laboratory test). This hormone is human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, which occurs immediately after the fertilized egg has attached itself to the lining of the uterus.
• It occurs immediately after the fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus. The egg attaches to the uterus six days after fertilization. During this period, the pregnancy test is meaningless: it will not show anything. But afterwards the HCG level increases rapidly, doubling every 2-3 days.
• Thus, 8 days after ovulation. (During which the egg has met its sperm.) The HCG level becomes sufficient for the laboratory blood test to detect pregnancy.
• A few days later, i.e. 10-12 days after fertilization, you can perform the test.
• The appearance of two bands indicates that you are pregnant.

• The peniflow is a non-invasive device, made of silicone or latex and pierced with an orifice, which fits over the patient’s penis to collect urine and collect it in a pouch.
• Allows drainage of urine in a pouch: less odor, skin protection, less risk of pressure ulcers and non-invasive device. Typically used in :
• Overactive bladder with no post-void residue
• Neuromuscular syndrome
• Heavy orthopedic surgery of the pelvis
• Urinary incontinence without post-void residuals

• The reference in terms of auscultation comfort and robustness of very good level.
• The largest horn is equipped with a dual-frequency diaphragm that allows high and low frequency sounds to be heard by – – Simple pressure on the horn, without having to turn it over.
• Double stainless steel horn.
• Anti-cold ring.
• Oriented lyre.
• Waterproof ear tips

• Can be used in high altitude sports (e.g. mountaineering, skiing, sport aviation)
• Easy-to-read colour display
• Screen with 6 perspectives
• Adjustable screen brightness
• Shoulder strap and belt pocket included
• Battery level indicator
• Automatic shutdown
• Shoulder strap and belt pocket included
• Medical product
• 2 AAA batteries included

Particularly suitable for people suffering from :
• Heart failure
• Bronchial asthma
• Of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Fiber optic distal illumination with LED technology.
Homogeneous illumination of the ear canal and eardrum.
Clear, scratch-resistant viewing window with 3x magnification.
Color temperature: 3200k and 6000k LED Bulb and XHL
Lifetime: more than dw 20.000 hours.
Fixing clip with integrated on/off switch.
Ergonomic design with painless insertion into the ear canal.
Measurement of pulsed arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate (pulse)
Very simple and completely painless measurement
Small and lightweight, for use at home or on the go

• Digital clinical thermometer
• Big screen
• 3-digit display
• No glass or mercury
• Waterproof
• Disinfectable
• Measuring accuracy ± 0.1 °C (between 35.5 and 42 °C)
• Measuring accuracy ± 0.2 °C (between 32 and 35.4 °C and 42.1 and 42.9 °C)
• Audible signal at the end of the measurement
• 1 memorizable value
• Automatic shutdown
• Protective cap for storage
• Medical product
• Battery change indicator
• 1 x 1.55 V LR41 battery included

• Ultra-precise valve-controlled decompression valve.
• Anti-corrosion metal housing; shock resistant.
• Measurement readable from all angles.
• Crust leather pressure gauge holder
• Washable, non-deformable plycotton cuff.
• Specific indication: obese arm patient; not under perfusion.

• For versatile auscultation
• Double adult stainless steel pavilion
• Multifrequency membrane
• Oriented binaural with integrated spring and screwed-in soft tips.
• Its ideal grip and performance make it ideal for general and specialized auscultation.