Compression garments and customized services for burn victims :

Our garments meet the needs of an adapted contention for burn victims.
A specific model is designed for each patient. Our orthopedists take measurements following a medical prescription.
The specially designed compression ratio offers complete ease and total mobility, while ensuring appropriate support.
Custom-made compression garments for major burns are designed to reorganize collagen fibers to prevent anarchic scarring of the connective tissue.
They help reduce unsightly scars and dysfunctional flanges.
Dinamedic ensures that these devices meet all the needs in terms of restraint for burn victims, while offering real mobility to the patient. By wearing these garments over a closed wound, it is possible to claim a better remission, especially from an aesthetic point of view.

Manufacture of soles :

Our objective is to bring you the high-performance and intuitive tools for the design and manufacture of orthopedic insoles.
Whatever the number of orthopedic insoles you make every day, you will find a solution adapted to your needs.
Our orthopedic inserts allow you to correct foot deformities (flat feet, hollows, hallus valgus, diabetic foot) and to rebalance your posture.
Our orthopedist makes them to measure after a posturological examination and a foot impression.

Manufacturer’s warranty on all our equipment :

The medical equipment that we offer you is above all selected according to the availability and guarantees provided by our manufacturers and your performance needs.
We attach great importance to the quality of your future medical products.
All the medical equipment that we propose benefits from the manufacturer’s guarantee.
We ensure compliance with the warranty clauses set by our suppliers in case of product failure.

Delivery :

If you wish, we can ensure the delivery of the purchased products. Orders are prepared and shipped through approved transport partners.
We thus guarantee a quality delivery with controlled deadlines. We also offer the possibility to the customer to organize himself the transport or to recover the goods directly from our stores.
Each of our deliveries is subject to an adapted packaging in order to protect the product in an optimum way. The delivery charges will be communicated to you at the time of your purchase.