Lumbar spine :

SL 700

La ceinture qui cible la douleur lors des activités intenses

La ceinture qui cible la douleur

Cervical spine / Shoulder :

L’immobilisation modulable de l’épaule

Modèle bilatéral

• Ortel C4 Rigid Collar with 4 supports
• Firm support of the cervical spine thanks to the 2 anatomically shaped moulded shells,
• In hypoallergenic foam
• The anterior shell provides chin and sternal support, the posterior shell provides occipital and dorsal support high Tracheal opening Radio transparent
• With chinstrap with tracheotomy opening

Efficient and comfortable immobilization

Semi-rigid analgesic support of the cervical spine

Soft analgesic support of the cervical spine

• Rigid model with chinstrap, plastic frame, adjustable in height, collar edges covered with imitation leather upholstery. Total immobilization.
• Made up of two pieces of low density thermoplastic material.
• Padded and lined edges
• Ergonomically designed to achieve a neutral cervical spine position
• Lightweight sternal support
• Comfortable
• Washable
• Easy regulation and installation
• Lightweight chin support
• Delivered in a box

Legs :

Amplitude-adjustable articulated knee brace, indicated for immobilization following surgery.

The immobilization that adapts to each morphology
Exists in 2 models, short and long boot

For ankle and foot injuries

Exists in 2 models, short and long boot

Polycentric articulated ligament knee brace stabilizing from 0 to 120°.

A clear and precise range of elastic ankle and knee pads tcover the needs of each patient

The inserts not only guarantee comfort but also prevent foot plant diseases.
Patients can use these insoles to correct any type of problem, prevent pain and gain more comfort.

Heel pads are used to protect the area from possible rubbing with the shoes and to add a
Additional foot support. There are several models of heel pads available depending on the material with which they are made.
Herbi Feet offers all types of heel-pads.
The use of heel-pads helps patients to relieve the symptoms of physical problems such as they can suffer: knee, hip or heel pain. Heel pads also help to improve blood circulation in the legs, thanks to the pressure they exert on the area responsible for the upward movement of blood.

Heel pads are also useful in relieving symptoms of the calcaneal spur, which is a painful calcification that reaches the heel. Usually, this condition occurs in due to the use of inadequate footwear or poor posture habits. The use ofHeel pads to raise the particular area where the spine has formed and avoid friction directly with the shoe.

Upper members :

  • Seamless innovation, ultrasonic welding
  • Intuitive in the day-to-day implementation.
  • Lightweight, soft and smooth for a pleasant and discreet wear.

Nocturnal hallux-valgus corrector :

This toe retractor can be used on the right or left foot to realign the big toe and prevent the development of hallux valgus.

Protector in the form of hallux valgus.
Made with non-toxic, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested viscoelastic polymer gel that does not promote bacterial growth.

Toe corrector for hallux-valgus treatment
• Made of thermoplastic and velvet with micro hook closure
• Adjustable pressure strap allowing adjustment of the correction axis
• Shock absorbing cushion offering optimal comfort
• Contraindications: Driving is not recommended.
• Composition: Plastic structure: thermoplastic, Pad: ethylene-vinyl acetate, 100% velvet
• Closing system: 100% polyamide

Sizes : S/M/L

Cushion with a ring to attach to the 2nd toe, made of non-toxic visco- elastic polymer gel.

Inner cotton buckled cotton in contact with the skin.
With malleable aluminum abduction splint to adjust the position of the big toe.
Has the advantage of surrounding the whole foot with the possibility of adjusting the perimeter.

The hallus-valgus separator with coil-shaped separator soothes bunion pain and properly aligns the big toe.
Dampens pressure on the metacarpophalangeal joint.
Patented design provides protection between the big toe and the shoe.
The product glides easily over the big toe.

Atelle grenouille is an orthopedic device that effectively immobilizes and stabilizes the proximal and distal phalanges after a sprain or dislocation of the finger.
It thus reduces the pain associated with the trauma and promotes the healing process.
This brace is made of an aluminum structure that can be modulated to fit the person's morphology.
It thus guarantees optimal support of the phalanges.
This structure is equipped with a padded foam that ensures a certain comfort during the entire duration of the immobilization
of the finger.

Elastic band on cotton tube to be used on the forefoot. With separation for the big toe and non-toxic viscoelastic polymer gel foot pad.