Rollator 4 wheels with basket

Light and handy walker with tablet
Characteristics : Rollator 4 wheels


The 4-wheel rollator from the Euromedis laboratories is a walking aid intended to facilitate the daily life of people with walking difficulties or with balance disorders.
The rollator, also called a walker, allows you to keep your autonomy indoors and outdoors in complete safety. Particularly light and handy, it accompanies the elderly or people with reduced mobility in their daily trips without the help of a third person.

Real support in the event of temporary fatigue during travel, the 4-wheel rollator offers the possibility of sitting down and resting.
The shelf, ideal for putting down and transporting a newspaper, a dish or medicine, is removable. In its place, a solid and comfortable seat that can support up to 120 Kg.

It is possible to adjust the height of the handles (from 78 to 97 cm) and thus adapt the rollator for people of different heights.
The rollator – walker is compact, is easily stored and transported.

The rollator is equipped with:
• 4 wheels including 2 movable front wheels.
• a classic brake system with ergonomic handles.
• A “parking” brake system which allows the rollator to be blocked.
• A cane holder.
• A basket to carry groceries, a handbag …
• A removable shelf
• Color: gray (in epoxy metal)

• Foldable rollator (delivered folded).
• Braking at the handles
• Parking brake (by disengaging the handles)
• Height adjustable handles
• Material: metal
• Removable basket and shelf

Technical specifications:
• Overall dimensions: 66 x 59.5 x 78 to 97 cm.
• Height of the handles: from 78 to 97 cm
• Floor / seat height: 60 cm
• Seat width: 47cm.
• Wheel diameter: 19 cm
• Rollator weight: 11 kg
• Maximum weight supported: 120 kg


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