Presse CIZETA – Compressive ML 35 points

Presse CIZETA – Compressive ML 35 points

Pansement compressif mono-élastique léger à pois siliconés ext. 35%
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Light mono-elastic compressive dressing with siliconised dots short extention.

COMPOSITION: 80% cottonm, 20% polyamide.

5 cm x 5 m
8 cm x 5 m
10 cm x 5 m


​Indicated for support bandages in case of bruises, sprains, dislocations and in case of tendinopathies, to immobilize joints, for protection against hematomas in case of muscle traumas.
The bandages should be performed by competent staff.


​The medical device should not be applied directly to injured tissues.
There are no known allergies, except for those specific to one of the individual textiles components. The bandages should not be excecutes where there are pathologies on which any sort of compression is not recommended. Keep away from direct light and heat sources.

Durée du traitement

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