Conform 2 urostomy pouch

A tap at the bottom of the urostomy pouch allows it to be connected to a night collector using an adapter.
Conform 2 pouches have an integrated clip-on ring system; the audible click ensures that the system is locked. Can be connected to flat or convex Conform 2 skin protectors.
The anti-reflux function of the pouch reduces urine backflow.
The soft, beige ComfortWear pouch lining provides increased comfort.

Catégories : ,
  • drainable pocket with drain valve
  • A white drop and an asymmetry indicate
  • Anatomically shaped pocket
  • Multi-compartment system*
  • Anti-backflow valve
  • Anti-odor film
  • Grommets make it easy to attach an ostomy belt.
  • Pocket lining in ComfortWear
  • Transparent – Skin side only
  • Beige – Two sides







24730 2312181 45 mm Beige 20
24830 2312198 45 mm Transparent 20
25730 2312206 55 mm Beige 20
25830 2312212 55 mm Transparent 20
27830 3974228 70 mm Transparent 20


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