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A tap at the bottom of the urostomy pouch allows it to be connected to a night collector using an adapter.
Conform 2 pouches have an integrated clip-on ring system; the audible click ensures that the system is locked. Can be connected to flat or convex Conform 2 skin protectors.
The anti-reflux function of the pouch reduces urine backflow.
The soft, beige ComfortWear pouch lining provides increased comfort.

The pocket is part of a 1-piece system where the holder and the pocket form a single element. The drainable pocket is designed to be emptied from below.
These pouches are used for urostomy appliances. The Moderma Flex drainable pouch has a drain valve with a white drop and an asymmetry that allows visual and tactile confirmation of the opening of the valve.
A cap is integrated into the tap. The multi-compartment system* allows a balanced distribution of urine and therefore a smaller and quieter bag.